Nez Perce Tribe

Department of Fisheries Resources Management


Nez Perce Tribe Reservation Fishing Permits

Planning to Fish on the Nez Perce Reservation?

  • Start Fishing Now! Nez Perce Tribe Fishing Permits can be printed upon the completion of your online purchase.          
  • A Nez Perce Tribe Chinook, Steelhead or Trout Pond Fishing permit is valid for the year you want to fish.           
  • Different licenses are issued to Residents and Nonresidents, current regulations can be found on the Nez Perce Tribe Online Fishing Permit Sales website.           
  • Non-residents can purchase a 1-day (trout only), 3-day or full Year (Chinook and/or Steelhead) fishing permits.            
  • Residents can purchase a 1-day (trout only) or full Year (Chinook and/or Steelhead) fishing permits.            
  • 2-pole permits are included in the purchase price for Chinook and Steelhead.            
  • On the reservation kids age 14 and under may fish without a permit if accompanied by a valid permit holder.​

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Nez Perce Tribe Reservation Boundaries

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