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Imnaha River Smolt Monitoring Project (ISMP)

The Imnaha Smolt Monitoring Program is an effort to assess the spring out-migration timing, travel time, and relative survival of natural and hatchery steelhead smolts from the Imnaha River to the Snake and Columbia River Dams. The Program began in 1994 as part of the Fish Passage Center's smolt monitoring by non-federal entities and continued in 1998 under an umbrella of direct-funds provided by the Bonneville Power Administration for the Nez Perce Tribe.


  • To provide timely information to the Fish Passage Center that management can use to base in-season water budgets, evaluate spill requests, and monitor general fish health.
  • To document migration trends of Chinook and steelhead smolts emigrating out of the Imnaha River.
  • To estimate survival through the Snake and Columbia River Dams.


  • Determine the spring outmigration timing of Chinook salmon and steelhead trout smolts collected at the Imnaha River Trap.
  • Determine the outmigration timing and travel time of previously PIT tagged wild and hatchery Chinook salmon and hatchery steelhead smolts through interrogation from March 15 to June 5.
  • Determine the outmigration timing, travel time, and recovery rate of wild and hatchery steelhead PIT tagged from the Imnaha River through the Snake and Columbia River Dams.

Project Staff

daveb@nezperce.orgDavid BrightFisheries Technician III14(541) 432-2518x3788
jimh@nezperce.orgJim HarbeckProject Leader/
Hatchery Evaluations
05(541) 432-2501x3771
joemc@nezperce.orgJoe McCormackFisheries Technician III14(541) 432-2525x3790
nealm@nezperce.orgNeal MeshellFisheries Technician I16(541) 432-2514
billy@nezperce.orgBill YoungHatchery Evaluations
05(208) 621-3308x3308
brians@nezperce.orgBrian SimmonsBiologist I12(541) 432-2515
lorat@nezperce.orgLora TennantBiologist II11(541) 432-2514x3784
Augustusj@nezperce.orgGus JohnsonFisheries Technician II15(541)432-2500

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