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Research Division

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Research Division is to contribute to sound fisheries management through best available science. This involves collection of status and trends data, conduct of management action effectiveness monitoring, and communication of knowledge (and uncertainties) that are unbiased, objective, collaborative, and available to the community at large.


The Department of Fisheries Resources Management Research Division is currently implementing 15 contracts, totaling $6,952,085. Most of the field work being done is centered around estimating how many adult salmon and steelhead are returning to individual streams. Additional data collection targets how many juvenile salmon and steelhead are produced in nature and in hatcheries and how well those juveniles survive to adulthood. The Research Division provides data associated with 10 of the 39 spring/summer Chinook salmon populations, eight of the 24 steelhead populations, and on the single fall Chinook salmon population in the Snake River basin. We assist with data collection on two other spring Chinook populations. We lead the monitoring and evaluation on six hatchery programs and assist/collaborate on three others.

The Research Division has worked to provide the basis for a technically sound and credible management program for the Nez Perce Tribe. This program conducts applied research studies to:

  • Provide information on the status (abundance) of populations.
  • Determine effectiveness of hatchery supplementation programs.
  • Provide smolt survival estimates through the Snake River and Columbia River hydroelectric projects.
  • Provide information to support tribal fisheries.
  • Make sound fisheries management recommendations for improving survival, recovery and restoration of salmon and steelhead to management and policy.
  • Provide for genetic conservation of salmon and steelhead populations.
  • Provide information on salmon recovery alternatives under ESA, and impact assessments.
  • Participate in state and regional technical forums to promote Nez Perce Tribe policy and management goals.

Research Division Lead Staff

jasonv@nezperce.orgJason VogelResearch Division
Deputy Director
04(208) 621-3602
jayh@nezperce.orgJay HesseDirector of Biological
03(208) 621-3552
ricko@nezperce.orgRick OrmeProject Leader06(208) 634-5290x3302
paulettes@nezperce.orgPaulette SmithAdministrative
Specialist III
08(208) 621-3556
jodyc@nezperce.orgJody ConnerAdministrative
Specialist II
09(541) 432-2500
peterc@nezperce.orgPeter ClearyProject Leader06(208) 476-4920x3572
craigr@nezperce.orgCraig RabeProject Leader06(208) 634-5290x3311
ryank@nezperce.orgRyan KinzerResearch Scientist06(208) 634-5290x3312
shanev@nezperce.orgShane VatlandProject Leader06(541) 432-2508x3778
clarkw@nezperce.orgClark WatryProject Leader06 (208) 621-3549

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