Nez Perce Tribe

Department of Fisheries Resources Management


Production Division

The Production Division focuses on “putting fish in the rivers” to rebuild natural spawning runs and to restore harvest opportunities. This program seeks to restore the historic fish species, stocks, and populations to a healthy abundance throughout the Nez Perce Treaty Territory. Our goal is that fish will be found in all available habitats and will provide fishing for present and future tribal generations.

Currently the production division participates in the management and operation of 20 hatcheries and 16 satellite facilities that collect broodstock, produce/rear and/or acclimate/release of approximately 8 million juvenile fish (spring Chinook, fall Chinook, coho, steelhead and lamprey) for release in the Snake River Basin annually.

Planning Efforts:

  • Northeast Oregon Coho Master Plan
  • Northeast Oregon Coho Restoration
  • Northeast Oregon Native Steelhead Enhancement
  • Northeast Oregon Sockeye Restoration

Production Division Lead Staff

miket@nezperce.orgMichael TuellManager I/
SRBA Coordinator
04(208) 476-2222
michaelb@nezperce.orgMichael Bisbee Jr.Professional III/
Production Supv II
06(208) 791-1871
carle@nezperce.orgCarl EastProfessional III/
Production Sup II
6(208) 621-3503
scotte@nezperce.orgScott EverettProfessional III/
Production Supv II
06(208) 621-4635
kenth@nezperce.orgKent HillsProfessional III/
Production Supv II
06(208) 926-4272
beckyj@nezperce.orgRebecca JohnsonManager III/Production
Division Director
03(208) 621-4629
mikek@nezperce.orgMichael KeyProfessional III/
Production Supv II
06(208) 621-4633
brucem@nezperce.orgBruce McLeodManager II/Hatchery
04(208) 621-4628
aaronp@nezperce.orgAaron PenneyProfessional V/
Production Supv III
05(208) 621-3502
tishw@nezperce.orgTish WhitmanAdministrative
Specialist III
08(208) 621-4634
rickz@nezperce.orgRichard ZollmanProfessional III/
Production Supv II
06(541) 432-2505

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