Nez Perce Tribe

Department of Fisheries Resources Management


2014 Spawning Ground Survey Workshop

August 6th & 7th, 2014
McCall, Idaho with Training at Lake Creek
Lodging & Gathering at Pilgrim Cove Camp

This annual training is open for all Agencies and Tribes that perform Adult Spawning Ground Surveys.  This year’s training included 125 participants from seven different agencies.  This two day training focused on classroom as well as instream training on Lake and Summit creeks.  Standardized methods for redd and carcass survey methodologies are taught to ensure that data collection across all entities are the same and thus the data can be used broadly for science based resource management decisions.

Spawning Ground Workshop Topics Covered:

  • Standardized Redd Count  (4 D’s) and Carcass Methodology
  • Disinfection
  • Electronics Training (GPS, Radio, Electronic tag detection, etc.)
  • Safety & First Aid
  • Data Use and Application – From taking of data in field to use of data for Management Decision Making
  • Two Days in Stream Hands-on-Training

2014 SGS Workshop

SPS Workshop Hand-Outs

2014 Spawning Ground Workshop Agenda
DFRM Publications 8/18/2014 426.3 KB
Chinook Salmon Fin Ray Removal
DFRM Publications 5/26/2015 335.5 KB
Data Training Form - Blank
DFRM Publications 8/22/2014 142.1 KB
Data Training Form - Key
DFRM Publications 8/22/2014 14.4 KB
DFRM Publications 8/18/2014 663.6 KB
Groups 1-8 SGS Schedule-1
DFRM Publications 8/18/2014 283.6 KB
Groups 9-12 SGS Schedule
DFRM Publications 8/18/2014 280.0 KB
Idaho Invasive Species
DFRM Publications 8/18/2014 540.7 KB
SGS Redd Form
DFRM Publications 8/22/2014 14.5 KB

SGS Workshop Training Videos

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